My Eve Story (so far!)

On July 10th 2013 a friend of mine told me about this awesome “new” game he was playing called Eve Online.

It was “internet spaceships, but difficult to explain so just click the link and sign up and we’ll come and find you”.
I enjoyed playing Eve but didn’t really play it enough to warrant the monthly subscription – I literally ratted (killed NPC pilots for bounty rewards) in high security space in a Hyperion Battleship and that’s all I did. Looking back at it that’s pretty funny and I’m keen to reactivate the original account to see how the Hyperion is fitted for an almost guaranteed laugh. Only recently I realised the first corporation I joined was ReD. Vengance [RDV] which has always been a part of the Circle-Of-Two [C02] Alliance which at the time were allies with Goonswarm – the largest entity in the game. So you could technically say I’m an ex-goon.

Fast forward to 25th November 2015 and I decide to create a new account and start playing Eve Online again. I joined Black Unicorns [.BUNI] which at the time were living in the 7UTB-F system in the Delve region and was scouted through wormholes into the home system within an hour of joining. I was hesitant of living in Null Sec (no laws, anything goes) but decided to throw myself in head first and learn the parts of the game I didn’t two years earlier.
Within a couple of days we were moving out of Delve to join the Northern Army [NARM] Alliance in the Querious region and this is where I started to get to grips with both the PVE and PVP side of the game. I was keen on making my money through Industry whilst training for the PVP side of the game for fleets, eventually running multiple characters for the mining!

Skipping through the politics I joined the Ciggy Butt Brains [CGGY] corporation in the Chaos Theory [KOS] Alliance where I needed to cut down on the amount of accounts I was running to a single account, so decided to pull my industry skills out of my main character with the newly added skill extractors and reapply them towards PVP skills whilst making my money ratting anomalies. If I hadn’t done this I wouldn’t have taken part in the great M-OEE8 battle on March 28th 2016 which was one of my most enjoyable moments in Eve Online due to the enormity of what was happening both in politics within the game and the sheer number of pilots fighting on the same grid at the same time.

Moving on from Chaos Theory my Corp CEO’s decided to move us into Co2 who had recently broken their allegiance to Goonswarm. I’m back up to running multiple accounts by working the markets and ratting in my spare time. I have intense spreadsheets and plans for my characters and look forward to every fight. Tensions are high at the moment and it looks like we could see another record breaking fight on our front door. I can’t wait!