Moving forward with my Market Spreadsheet

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I’ve been at a stalemate with my Eve Online Market spreadsheet for some time now. When I originally created it it was detailed and worked like a charm, but was messy and vastly data intensive. After I finished adding “the rest” of the item’s on the EVE Market I ran into the Google Quota limit issue and this caused me to stop development. Since then I’ve been attempting to find a work around but have come to the conclusion that the sheet cannot work in it’s current state and having multiple sheets across multiple Google accounts is not the […]

Google Quota Limits

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Since my Eve Online Market spreadsheet expanded to include literally every item available through the market browser I have been bouncing off Google’s Quota limit like a fly on a window. Unfortunately I have come to the conclusion that the current method I am using is simply not going to work. There is a hard limit of 20,000 “URLFetch” calls per day on a regular Google account, which I am hitting without fail. Upgrading to a “G Suite” business account which costs £3.30 per month would increase that to 100,000 and probably be sufficient however whilst that’s not a […]

≡v≡ Production – An industry calculator for ≡v≡ Online.

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I am pleased to announce open and free access to my Production spreadsheet for ≡v≡ Online. In this spreadsheet you can input specific skill, facility and blueprint data and be shown precisely how many Capital Components, Compressed Ore Blocks and Units of Minerals you need for all accessible T1/Faction/Pirate hulls. As you enter your stored materials you will see the required values change to reflect your progression. Simply open the link below and follow the instructions on the “Main” sheet for use. ≡v≡ Production – An industry calculator for ≡v≡ Online Access is free, donations are welcome. Do not pay anybody […]

Spreadsheet Simulator 2017

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Over the last few months I’ve been working particularly hard for many hours each week perfecting a couple of spreadsheets I created to help me with 1) Market Trading and 2) Mineral Acquisition and Production in Eve Online. I never imagined I would make a spreadsheet so complex and am thoroughly pleased with myself that I have come this far with them. Over the last few weeks I have used my Production sheet to help me calculate the Ore amount I need to mine to produce an Aeon Supercarrier, mined the appropriate minerals and almost have the capital parts […]

Last week on Eve.

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I had a lot of fun on Eve last week. We were thrown into an interesting situation and took a lot of assets that did not belong to us because we saw the opportunity to do so. Bragging about it on Reddit may not have been the wisest move, but we did anyway: [Click] What I failed to make clear in the post was that we started to accept the contracts after our 48 hours of blue standings had finished and that the “grace period” we were given to evac only allowed us access to the Keepstar – we couldn’t dock anywhere […]

…you make Orange Juice.

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Part One: When life gives you lemons… Meanwhile on Reddit: “…So I would expect them to go after Co2 on a personal level shortly, attempt to stir up malcontent and drama within Co2 to try and pry those cracks apart…” Little did they know this had already started to happen. Circle of Two were so very quick to remove us from the Alliance leaving assets stranded and an active PVP corporation without a home. Granted, the past couple of weeks were slow for us, but we were keeping well ahead of fleet participation requirements (within the top third of corps […]

When life gives you lemons…

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I logged into Eve Online the other day to find that we (the Ciggy Butt Brains. corporation) had been insta-kicked from Alliance (Circle-of-Two). Bummer. No reason was given, but we were out. After a few hours of incredibly vague answers as to why, we finally got a solid response. Our corp CEO agreed to provide Alliance-level intelligence to the enemy. <Insert Patrick Stewart and Jonathan Frakes double facepalm meme here> No, he didn’t. A few days ago another Director in the corp received a confusing eve-mail from another pilot who is part of Northern Coalition. (“NC.” / the enemy). […]

Life, the Universe and Everything

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I’ve recently found something I would like to really set out and push myself to achieve – learning how to skateboard. Pretty hilarious for those of you who know me. For those of you who don’t, I’m 105kg and sit on my arse all day playing video games. A bit of a narcissistic twat too to be frank. For a long time now I’ve been unhealthy both mentally and physically but in the last few weeks I’ve been feeling more optimistic about life. Two things have directly resulted in this. 1) Spending less time playing video games. For the […]

War is a complete game changer

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The way I play Eve Online has drastically changed since PANFAM declared war on Co2. I used to sit in my Nidhoggur all day ratting and when a fleet came up I’d death clone back to M-O to go take part. Now I’m not logging in as much and have started to play different games at times I would normally have been making ISK. When the pings go out for important fleets I’ll log in and take part – thankfully I can fly the majority of the doctrines so I don’t need to worry about what I can fly […]

I’m not so good at this “blog” thing, am I?

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Every time I load my blog I say to myself “I’m going to blog more frequently”. The reality: This time I’m really going to try to put in effort to blog more often. I’m enjoying Eve Online more than ever, there’s a new Pokémon game coming out next month and I’m rather keen to take up skateboarding (really). In the last couple of days in Eve Online I’ve had the chance to take my most expensive combat ship out (a Naglfar) on a high risk “dread bomb” run to help take down one of the biggest ships in […]