Last week on Eve.

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I had a lot of fun on Eve last week. We were thrown into an interesting situation and took a lot of assets that did not belong to us because we saw the opportunity to do so. Bragging about it on Reddit may not have been the wisest move, but we did anyway: [Click]

What I failed to make clear in the post was that we started to accept the contracts after our 48 hours of blue standings had finished and that the “grace period” we were given to evac only allowed us access to the Keepstar – we couldn’t dock anywhere else.

We knew Co2 would reimburse the losses, so this was hitting the Alliance and not individuals. Interpret it how you like.

The best part about it is one of the contracts we took belonged to one of our own corporation members. We had seen this before we accepted the first contract and had agreed to pay them the value of the contract when we next see them to explain exactly what happened. We paid them a little more than what the Jita value was and they were thrilled with what we had done. They were even more thrilled the day after when Co2 reimbursed them for their contract. If only we knew they’d do that and we could have set up a few contracts on alts to get a bit more value of out it all!

We’re quickly settling into our new home with The Methodical Alliance [TMA] and are looking forward to what they and the game has to offer us for the future. The Rorqual changes are live and we’re keen to start mining and producing capital ships again like we were before the war. Now that we’ve had the Alpha clones for a couple of days we should probably log them off and log in the Omega’s.

The Alpha clones aren’t that bad compared to a paid Omega one. It’s a bit of fun and gives you something to do other than your usual Eve activities. I’m running the missions to kill some time but have decided to keep that character completely separated from any of my others. It’ll earn its own ISK and stay in its NPC corp for the time being.