Why I will not be returning to Twitch

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For a while now I’ve been saying that I will be returning to streaming gameplay on Twitch. 

I’ve been hesitant about it but got to the point where all I needed to do was throw an overview together and hit ‘start streaming’ in OBS. Overviews for streaming EvE are simple – just out a location and chat blocker on and you’re good to go, so I was really just a few clicks away.

There’s multiple reasons why I have decided that I won’t be hitting the ‘start streaming’ button but the main reason is because I’ve watched too many streamers playing games (not just EvE) who are just horrendous hosts. There’s also those who take it way too seriously.

An example: I was ratting in a quiet system yesterday when a streamer flashed up in our Intel channel about 10 jumps away. I clicked onto his stream and saw that he was flying a Vagabond but most importantly nobody was with him or following him and he didn’t have a cyno fitted to his ship. I’m always aligned out to a safe parking spot whilst ratting and have eyes in neighbouring systems. My situation: I’m safe. I was almost at the end of the site I was running when he popped into local so I decided to try to finish the site before he inevitably warped in. He warped in about 70km away from me but I was out before he landed. I was always safe. A few minutes later he is caught on a gate in the system by two T3C’s so a Corp mate and I decide to Leeroy it by warping our carriers onto a distant purch to try to blap him. He died the moment we launched our fighters and within moments we had both warped back out to our safe parking spots.

At no point were either of our carriers in danger. There weren’t even wormholes in  the system or its neighbouring systems. Yes, I check before I start ratting in a carrier.

I say hi in the stream chat and make a Star Wars related ‘this was not the Nidhoggur you were looking for’ joke expecting a sporting response perhaps with a pinch of salt but instead got a barrage of abuse from the streamer. He explained how I was an idiot for ratting with a neutral in local and he could have quite easily have ‘warped to me cloaked and bumped me out of alignment before lighting a cyno’ and also commented about Co2’s recent loss of 6 Titans in SH1-6P saying how we must need the SRP for it (quite how that is relevant I don’t know!)

I knew exactly what he was flying, that he didn’t have a cyno or anybody with him and had been watching his name in the Intel channel for about twenty minutes before he reached my system. This was not a case of ‘oh shit there’s a neutral in system GTFO’.

Moving away from that particular incident…

EvE streamers get a LOT of abuse. It is not as clear with more popular streamers as they have a fan base, but the trolls will be trolls and it doesn’t stay just within stream chat. They’ll go out of their way to locate the streamer, intercept them and send them back to high sec. But it doesn’t stay in game – someone I know received death threats and had the Police sent to their house after false reports were filed. This isn’t isolated to just EvE players, but I wouldn’t be able to mentally cope with the negatives of streaming again – I’d do it to have fun but the fun would be spoiled by those reasons, as well as the stress I’d put onto myself for needing to provide an enjoyable viewing experience.

YouTube is a different story. I can capture video and edit it to how I like, so I will be doing this more often. Rather than posting just fleet fights I’ll be trying to make some solo pvp videos too!

So, these are just a couple of reasons – there are others that stack up on top of the positive reasons to stream, the the negatives out-whey the positives.

TL;DR: I’m not going to be streaming again, but I will be uploading to YouTube more often.

Carrier at last!

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I’m finally in a carrier on my main character, so should have some fun with that soon. I need to train Jump Drive Calibration to 5 which will take a fair amount of time, but when it is I should be good to fly a carrier in Alliance fleets should they be called for.

My new PC is running like a champ and I’m slowly getting what I need together for recording gameplay for YouTube/Twitch. I think it’s more likely that I’ll upload videos to YouTube rather stream to Twitch, but I am keen to stream again now and then so I’ll be sorting overviews etc. out for if/when I decide to stream.

I’ll probably reactivate the skill queue on the character I’d use for it soon as it’s quite restricted to what it can use at the moment. It’s a very low Skill Point character and the original plan was to just use skill injectors to inject into whatever I’m wanting to fly but that’s going to turn out expensive, so an active training queue would go a long way.

Prison Break

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I’ve binge watched Prison Break for the first time over the last few days and I’ve enjoyed it a lot so far. I’m half way through season 4 and have managed to guess the majority of the twists but the best part about it? It’s linked with J.J.Abram’s ‘Lost’. It isn’t, but let me explain. Obvious spoilers ahead.

Season 1 is a normal story line, well written etc. just as Lost was.
Season 2 gets interesting where ‘the company’ in Prison Break and ‘the others’ in Lost become the clear enemy.
Season 3 involves a book which contains co-ordinates that are needed to get back to a place he went before. The island, right? No, unfortunately it turns out they’re not coordinates but another blueprint. A blueprint that leads to a hatch… A hatch in a store room which ultimately takes the heroes to the goal in Season 4.
Betrayal after twist later, Jacob shows up to buy the stolen device mid way through season 4.

Obviously not linked, but I bet someone with enough time on their hands could write up a convincing theory connecting the two universes. Now, to finish watching season 4!


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I spend a lot of time sifting through information in spreadsheets whilst playing Eve online. I want to be as efficient as possible whilst market trading so have created an API intensive spreadsheet to show me accurate margins and data from the Jita system and when I get more station trader characters sorted I’ll easily be able to add more systems to the sheet or clone it and tweak it to those specific systems.

One of my corp CEO’s has given a tonne of his own time in helping me with formula’s and suggestions for which way to go about getting the best data for maximum profit which I am eternally grateful for and this week it has brought me back to one of my original sheets I made whilst flying in Triggerkittens – an Industry sheet showing how much of each mineral/capital part is required to build each ship.
I’ve started overhauling it, so the formula I had will probably need to be completely scrapped and rewritten for the entire sheet, but once finished it will help show exactly how much of each ore is required to be mined before reprocessing it to have enough minerals to then build a desired ship – complete with an editable reprocessing percentage so other people can potentially use the sheet and get accurate info for their character too.

One fun thing I’d like to do is to get a “stock market” scroller to show items’ rise or drop in margin. This will probably require pulling the data from the sheet into a MySQL database and then pulling that data from the database into a php script – something beyond my knowledge, but I might be able to figure it out on a basic level.

I’m not sure if the sheets will go public at the moment as they have personal API keys in them but it shouldn’t be too difficult to make a public version for others to use once all the data entry is complete. I’ll write a more detailed post on how I made the sheets should this happen.

My Eve Story – So Far!

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On July 10th 2013 a friend of mine told me about this awesome “new” game he was playing called Eve Online.

It was “internet spaceships, but difficult to explain so just click the link and sign up and we’ll come and find you”.
I enjoyed playing Eve but didn’t really play it enough to warrant the monthly subscription – I literally ratted (killed NPC pilots for bounty rewards) in high security space in a Hyperion Battleship and that’s all I did. Looking back at it that’s pretty funny and I’m keen to reactivate the original account to see how the Hyperion is fitted for an almost guaranteed laugh. Only recently I realised the first corporation I joined was ReD. Vengance [RDV] which has always been a part of the Circle-Of-Two [C02] Alliance which at the time were allies with Goonswarm – the largest entity in the game. So you could technically say I’m an ex-goon.

Fast forward to 25th November 2015 and I decide to create a new account and start playing Eve Online again. I joined Black Unicorns [.BUNI] which at the time were living in the 7UTB-F system in the Delve region and was scouted through wormholes into the home system within an hour of joining. I was hesitant of living in Null Sec (no laws, anything goes) but decided to throw myself in head first and learn the parts of the game I didn’t two years earlier.
Within a couple of days we were moving out of Delve to join the Northern Army [NARM] Alliance in the Querious region and this is where I started to get to grips with both the PVE and PVP side of the game. I was keen on making my money through Industry whilst training for the PVP side of the game for fleets, eventually running multiple characters for the mining!

Skipping through the politics I joined the Ciggy Butt Brains [CGGY] corporation in the Chaos Theory [KOS] Alliance where I needed to cut down on the amount of accounts I was running to a single account, so decided to pull my industry skills out of my main character with the newly added skill extractors and reapply them towards PVP skills whilst making my money ratting anomalies. If I hadn’t done this I wouldn’t have taken part in the great M-OEE8 battle on March 28th 2016 which was one of my most enjoyable moments in Eve Online due to the enormity of what was happening both in politics within the game and the sheer number of pilots fighting on the same grid at the same time.

Moving on from Chaos Theory my Corp CEO’s decided to move us into Co2 who had recently broken their allegiance to Goonswarm. I’m back up to running multiple accounts by working the markets and ratting in my spare time. I have intense spreadsheets and plans for my characters and look forward to every fight. Tensions are high at the moment and it looks like we could see another record breaking fight on our front door. I can’t wait!


At last!

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My new PC is finally on order!

I bought the monitors separately to save some money, so my laptop is plugged into one of them whilst the other two sit there unplugged (yep, I bought three!)

I’m hoping it will arrive at the end of this week but it’s more likely to be the week after. It’s an i7 4ghz, 12GB ram, 4GB Nvidia GTX 980 job, so this thing should keep up nicely with multiple EVE clients running with everything else I’m doing at once – my laptop can’t quite do everything I need it to! I can’t remember the last time I had a mechanical keyboard so I treated myself to one of those too.

When it arrives and everything is up and running I’m going to start recording video for YouTube again and I’m likely to stream some EVE. I’ve been working hard on a market trading spreadsheet these last few weeks but I have more plans for the blog other than the new theme I’ve installed today.

More to come :)

And so it begins!

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I should be getting my new PC within the next two months, so I have started to prepare my new character which I will be using to stream EVE with.

My Alliance has ended it’s deployment as the war is pretty much over (I guess that’s debatable depending which side you’re fighting in!) so we’re back home in Fountain and I’m on a serious money maker to buy skill injectors for the new character to get the best ISK:SP ratio as possible with it. I’ve got a pretty good system going where I’m only keeping 150m ISK in my main wallet and as soon as I have more I’m sending it over to the new character until I can buy the next skill injector!

I’ve had a lot of fun roaming some of the current faction warfare systems with various ships, the Exequror being my favourite so far. It’s designed as a support ship to give armor repairs to your friends, but I’ve got a pretty sick PVP fit which is great fun to fly.

I’m going to slowly start getting my site up to date with what I’m currently doing in life, so it’ll be changing here and there over the next few weeks.


Fly safe o7

This is turning into a bad habit…

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I keep saying I’ll keep my blog up to date with regular content but it hasn’t happened so far…

I’ll be cleaning it up today and working on a topic Eve related to frequently talk about – I’ve been seriously considering streaming some of the game, but first I need a new PC! Thankfully that’ll be coming in a month or so, it’s just a matter of time waiting for some money to clear and getting the best price for the best components to build something that’ll last a good while.

Tutorial/Skill plan updates

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I’m going to be splitting the tutorial and skill plans into two separate categories soon. One for Null Sec and one for High Sec

As well as this the current skill plans will be optimized further to allow a better grasp on the ships they train into (such as adding CPU Management skills to allow more CPU to be used for the fittings).

I’ve left my spot as Mining Director for Triggerkittens due to an ongoing health issue which is going to make it difficult for me to be a part of the Alliance, but I hope to return some day in the future (hopefully several million skill points older too!)