War is a complete game changer

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The way I play Eve Online has drastically changed since PANFAM declared war on Co2.

I used to sit in my Nidhoggur all day ratting and when a fleet came up I’d death clone back to M-O to go take part. Now I’m not logging in as much and have started to play different games at times I would normally have been making ISK. When the pings go out for important fleets I’ll log in and take part – thankfully I can fly the majority of the doctrines so I don’t need to worry about what I can fly on fleets.

I don’t mind the fact that the way I play the game has completely changed, but I will be glad when the war is over so I can make regular ISK again so I can continue my plan of running a good industry fleet and also owning a super capital. The issue the alliance has (as with any alliance at war) is that the people who don’t want to make the change will most likely pack up their stuff and leave to another alliance. There’s nothing wrong with this, at the end of the day they pay to play the game so they should be able to play it how they want to – unfortunately it leads to even the most unexpected people leaving a group of friends who have played for hours each day for the last few months.

Even with the many thousands of people who play the game I somehow manage to bump into those who I’ve played with over the last year. Someone who I played with in the very first days started a conversation with me the other day, I hadn’t noticed him in the system I was passing through, but he’s now flying with our allies (TEST). Another person I used to fly with I’ve seen on my fleet broadcasts a couple of times recently as he joined NC.!

We’re into the fourth week of the war and I honestly expected it to at least be onto the 2nd battle of M-O by now. Who knows, it might steamroll one night when we can’t get enough numbers, or PL finally turn up.