When life gives you lemons…

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I logged into Eve Online the other day to find that we (the Ciggy Butt Brains. corporation) had been insta-kicked from Alliance (Circle-of-Two). Bummer.

No reason was given, but we were out. After a few hours of incredibly vague answers as to why, we finally got a solid response. Our corp CEO agreed to provide Alliance-level intelligence to the enemy.

<Insert Patrick Stewart and Jonathan Frakes double facepalm meme here>

No, he didn’t.
A few days ago another Director in the corp received a confusing eve-mail from another pilot who is part of Northern Coalition. (“NC.” / the enemy). Point 1. To sum it up in one line it said “…if you’re still interested in what we spoke about let me know and we can work something out, or we’ll rat you out to your Alliance” – pretty confusing if you’ve never had contact with this guy, right? Point 2. It was shrugged off and ignored as you would with any kind of junk mail coming through your letterbox.
The evidence to show our CEO was corresponding with the enemy was a pastebin conversation between “xxxx” and our CEO. To sum it up “xxxx” offered 1 Billion ISK per month for intel on Alliance Fleets. Our CEO is worth a Trillion ISK. 1 Billion per month is nothing to him. Point 3.

In this conversation “our CEO” uses emoji’s and words he doesn’t ever use in real life. Point 4. Oh, and he’s not logged in for a couple of months. Point 5.
As well as this, the “xxxx” to cover up the name of the NC. pilot were also placed over one of the first lines where our CEO’s name should have been put instead. Point 6.
If you’re going to forge a pastebin, do it a bit better please.

Our 24 hour grace period of having blue standings to evac was extended to 48 hours to ensure we could get all of our members out with as little loss as possible but because neither GigX or ourselves could prove the other wrong without doubt the decision stands that we will leave Co2. Thanks for believing the enemy over a loyal Corp GigX…

We’ve found a new home and it has given us a new enthusiasm to play. It’ll probably take a week or so to get settled in, but the Ascension update is due in a couple of days, so that should prove fairly interesting for all.

Oh, and another corp in Co2 was kicked the day before us for camping a gate with a bubble… Yeah…