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Part One: When life gives you lemons…

Meanwhile on Reddit:
“…So I would expect them to go after Co2 on a personal level shortly, attempt to stir up malcontent and drama within Co2 to try and pry those cracks apart…”

Little did they know this had already started to happen. Circle of Two were so very quick to remove us from the Alliance leaving assets stranded and an active PVP corporation without a home. Granted, the past couple of weeks were slow for us, but we were keeping well ahead of fleet participation requirements (within the top third of corps in the Alliance for October).

A fatal mistake was made. They didn’t remove our characters from the Bluehogs Alliance logistics corporation.

Bluehogs runs as follows:
– You create a courier contract to bluehogs for your assets to be moved so you don’t have to do it.
– You must not put a collateral on the contract and it must have an evepraisal link in the info to show what the contents of the contract contains.
– The reward is based on m3 and the value must not exceed 1bn ISK.
– Raw Ore may not be transported from Null to High Sec, it must be sold within the Alliance and ships/containers must be repackaged.

If you follow these rules your contract is insured so if it is lost the Alliance will pay you the value. If you do not follow the rules it is not insured. Many people don’t follow the rules.

Starting at about 3am on Saturday 13th we started accepting all contracts headed from Jita to Null. Later in the day we started to take those leaving citadels in Null destined for Jita.
At 8pm we took the rest and failed every single one of them. Co2 were out in one of the Kinakka Wafflehaus fleets at this time.

49 contracts totalling over 35 Billion ISK. [1|2]


Will Co2 pay out for the many incorrectly made contracts, or allow even more members to be alienated from them until the inevitable happens? From the first news of this war breaking out we, as a corporation, always said we would stand by Co2 until the bitter end. I guess it was a bitter end.

So long, and thanks for all the ISK.