≡v≡ Production – An industry calculator for ≡v≡ Online.

Now with T2 production!

≡v≡ Production is an interactive workbook designed to assist with manufacturing in EVE Online (referral link) by detailing exact input requirements to produce any ship hull.

  • Quick and easy to use: Configure your Skill, Facilities and Blueprints to see exact input requirements and quantities.
  • No calculations necessary: Know exactly how much of each Ore is required as well as how much of each left over material you’ll have after the build.
  • Track your build progress: Enter your stored materials to see the remaining requirements update, giving you LIVE calculations.
  • Cost tracking: See dynamically updating ISK values to get a detailed understanding of how to profit from your production.
  • Constructing a fleet?: Quickly change the quantity of hulls you desire to see the total material requirements for the entire fleet.
  • No payments required: Access and use of this workbook is 100% free. If you would like to send a thank you ISK donation, please send it to Subliminally Famous – thanks!

Access the workbook from the link below and follow the instructions on the “README” sheet to copy it over to your Google Drive.

≡v≡ Production – An industry calculator for ≡v≡ Online (v4.2.4 16/05/2018 17:56 UTC+1)


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June 2018 Update (Faction Fortizars):
The bonuses for Faction Fortizars have been announced (ref), four of which will effect manufacturing and/or science jobs in the systems they are placed in. As well as this, indestructible structures will be dropped in these systems which will effect the Job ISK in a similar way to how current outposts and conquerable stations do. As far as I am aware the method of calculating job costs will not change (as it’s all to do with the Industry Index which is pulled directly from CCP) but if I do need to change the way Job costs are calculated this will be left to v5 of the ≡v≡ Production workbook. The new Fortizars will also be added in v5 as 99% of people who use this workbook will be running jobs in Engineering Complex’s and Refinaries, so I do not see this as a high priority when deciding if I should add them before the v5 re-write.

When I started this workbook it was a personal project only I would use, so there was a lot of manual data entry and as it evolved and I released it for everyone to use the main data sheet has become very cluttered and this makes it difficult for me to maintain it, so v5 will be a complete re-write to clean up the data and enable me to maintain it far easier than its current state. (I realize I just pulled a CCP “Legacy Code” excuse and for that I apologize). I also aim for v5 to be as dynamic as possible when it comes to updating. Currently, with each version update you need to download a fresh copy and update all of your preferences and in v5 I hope to at least have the main bulk of the data calculations automatically update for you so you don’t have to start with a fresh workbook for every release. I’m still unsure how to accomplish this within the “constraints” of Google Sheets, but I’m sure I’ll find a way.

I started a new job in March and have minimal time to play Eve or spreadsheet, so I cannot say when the v5 re-write will be published – it’s likely to be months, but I promise to support it to the best of my ability for as long as I can. I’m not worried if the Job costs calculations do drastically change or break after the June update because this is a secondary function of this workbook. The primary function is to know precisely how much of each material you need, tailored to skills and facilities and this is still and will continue to work effectively after the June update.

Thank you for your continued support, fly safe o7