≡v≡ Production – An industry calculator for ≡v≡ Online.

≡v≡ Production is an interactive workbook designed to assist with manufacturing in EVE Online by detailing exact input requirements to produce any ship hull.

  • Quick and easy to use: Configure your Skill, Facilities and Blueprints to see exact input requirements and quantities.
  • No calculations necessary: Know exactly how much of each Ore is required as well as how much of each left over material you’ll have after the build.
  • Track your build progress: Enter your stored materials to see the remaining requirements update, giving you LIVE calculations.
  • Cost tracking: See dynamically updating ISK values to get a detailed understanding of how to profit from your production.
  • Constructing a fleet?: Quickly change the quantity of hulls you desire to see the total material requirements for the entire fleet.
  • No payments required: Access and use of this workbook is 100% free.

Access the workbook from the link below and follow the instructions on the “README” sheet to copy it over to your Google Drive.

≡v≡ Production – An industry calculator for ≡v≡ Online (v4.2.5 08/07/2018 12:52 UTC+1)

Update August 2018:

I decided to leave ≡v≡ Online a couple of months ago and do not intend to return – I’m in a better place both physically and mentally. I would like to continue work on Version 5 of this workbook but haven’t had the time to even open it due to work commitments. Being realistic, this project is frozen and unlikely to be revisited by myself. It currently serves its primary purpose of providing personalized and accurate build requirements for almost all hulls whilst displaying (admittedly slightly confusing) price data too.

I am unable to provide further support for this project, but should you wish to use it to update and expand on it you’re most welcome to do so under one condition: If you share it with others you must let them use it for free. Just know that the data and calculations are fairly messy – one main reason for Version 5 was to simplify the back-end maths.

Thank you all for your support over the years, Fly Safe o7