≡v≡ Production – An industry calculator for ≡v≡ Online.

I am pleased to announce open and free access to my Production spreadsheet for ≡v≡ Online.

In this spreadsheet you can input specific skill, facility and blueprint data and be shown precisely how many Capital Components, Compressed Ore Blocks and Units of Minerals you need for all accessible T1/Faction/Pirate hulls. As you enter your stored materials you will see the required values change to reflect your progression.

Simply open the link below and follow the instructions on the “Main” sheet for use.

≡v≡ Production – An industry calculator for ≡v≡ Online

Access is free, donations are welcome.
Do not pay anybody for access to this spreadsheet. To prevent malicious use access it via the link above, before copying it over for personal use as explained on the “Main” sheet.

ISK Donations can be sent to Subliminally Famous

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