(Another) Fresh Start

Since starting this blog over six years ago I have updated the theme and permanently archived the posts a handful of times. The last couple of years have been focused on ≡v≡ Online – before that it was focused around my Pokémon streaming on Twitch and the Pokémon Trading Card game.

I started a job in August driving a Grocery Delivery Van which has forced a lifestyle change, for the better of course, so I thought it was right to start fresh on my blog too. Even though I’m only working part time I have far less time and enthusiasm for video games and am trying to find creative projects to fill the void. So far I’ve found the best way to fill that void is with my passions, two being:

Spreadsheeting – I’ve enjoyed working on my ≡v≡ Online spreadsheets and look forward to continuing support and development on them. The Market sheet hit another brick wall and I doubt I’ll publish it until the new API system is fully implemented by CCP (they say May 2018 at the latest) but the Industry sheet is holding strong and I’ve received feedback from a handful of people who have used it which has been great.

Star Wars – More specifically, the novels. My brother introduced me to the Star Wars Expanded Universe with the Thrawn Trilogy by Timothy Zahn a few years ago and I’ve recently finished the latest Thrawn book as well as Catalyst which are both part of the new official Star Wars Canon. I am keen to continue reading these books and eventually be at a point where I’ve read all of the current Canon and can make my way onto the Legends books. (Yes, I have a spreadsheet for this too).

For a long time I struggled to look forward at where I may be in x years time but recently I’ve been able to think a little at a time about it, which is great. I’ve always been fascinated by Space and am thinking about perusing an Education and Career around Astrophysics.

I studied Film and Media in College so it may be interesting going towards Astrophysics, but since then I have been keen to write detailed analyses of movies, so I may find some time to put a few together and see how they go.