Define: Antisocial


1.Contrary to the laws and customs of society, in a way that causes annoyance and disapproval in others.
2.Not sociable or wanting the company of others.

I haven’t had a Facebook account for (4+?) years now. When I removed it I used the obscure way it gave you actually delete the account rather than using the disable option which is easier to find. I’ve not regretted it and do not plan on making a new account. I stuck with Twitter as it’s a little less personal but today deactivated my account, which will be deleted from Twitter after a 30 day grace period. I also deleted a failed attempt to rebel against Facebook’s Privacy Policy in the form of an Ello account, my Instagram account, my Twitch account and an old tumblr account which I found had been hacked and taken over by someone with a fetish for sodomy.

I created some of these Social Media accounts over ten years ago and whilst in six months time I’ll be closer to thirty than twenty, I feel it’s right to remove the immaturity of some of the earlier content. I may move back to one or two of them in time and am in no way ignorant to the fact that some of this data is most likely cached on various data crawling websites.

Why the definition? A while back I was called antisocial because I didn’t have a Facebook account. It still makes me chuckle, but give it another ten years for the next generation of children to have iPhones at the age of five and this will be added to that definition:

3.Not found on Social Media

Moving on..

A couple of years ago I started development on a classic gameboy-style RPG game called the “Subliminally Famous RPG”. I use the term development lightly – I was not writing the code, I was using a software called RPG Maker which gives you the sprites and the functions for you to piece together your own adventure. I didn’t get very far in “developing” this game but I have been thinking of giving it another go to see how creative I can be. History suggests I probably won’t get very far, if I start at all, but I may find once I start enjoy the process enough to present something worth playing.

This was the same time I was streaming Pokémon on Twitch so at the time I had a handful of people following the development of the game. I’ve stayed in touch with some followers over the years, who have become friends, and have been asked on more than one occasion to start streaming again. I’ve always been reluctant to put myself into the streaming scene again but have made the definitive decision that I will not return to Twitch, or any streaming platform – You can’t even watch Pokémon gameplay without the most popular streamers causing drama and ulterior motives being revealed every other day across the platform. Not something I want to be associated with.

On that note (and before my laptop goes nuclear and releases a Kaiju), I wasn’t able to get the ≡v≡ Production spreadsheet updated today but will get to it this week, hopefully along with some QOL changes.