Google Quota Limits

Since my Eve Online Market spreadsheet expanded to include literally every item available through the market browser I have been bouncing off Google’s Quota limit like a fly on a window.

Unfortunately I have come to the conclusion that the current method I am using is simply not going to work.

There is a hard limit of 20,000 “URLFetch” calls per day on a regular Google account, which I am hitting without fail. Upgrading to a “G Suite” business account which costs £3.30 per month would increase that to 100,000 and probably be sufficient however whilst that’s not a huge amount of money, it is not an outgoing I can afford and I would have to register myself under a business name which I’d rather not meddle with right now. Another issue would be if I wanted to make access to this sheet public once it’s at a “complete” stage, those who want to utilize it would also have to have a G Suite account.

There are two things I could do:

  1. Create multiple sheets across multiple Google Accounts. This immediately sounds like a frustrating hassle so I would like to avoid doing this if possible.
  2. Keep the data on the existing sheet but have some sort of system where you can choose which data to load. I would have to be careful not to over complicate things and I can’t picture how I would pull it off just yet, but I think this is something I will look at as a strong possibility moving forward.

The sheet gets it’s market data using Eve’s XML API via and because CCP will be turning this system off by May 2018 I need to switch over to the new ESI API System which also raises concerns over data limitations as a slightly different method to pull the prices will be used. I have changed a couple of sheets to reflect the new method and they work charmingly but I have not looked at how often this data is being pulled – it’s likely going to be either the same or more than the current system.

When I first created the sheet it worked well and I made a reasonable amount of ISK without a huge amount of effort so I am keen to get it into a functioning state once again.