≡v≡ Production – An industry calculator for ≡v≡ Online.

≡v≡ Production is an interactive workbook designed to assist with manufacturing in EVE Online by detailing exact input requirements to produce any ship hull.

  • Quick and easy to use: Configure your Skill, Facilities and Blueprints to see exact input requirements and quantities.
  • No calculations necessary: Know exactly how much of each Ore is required as well as how much of each left over material you’ll have after the build.
  • Track your build progress: Enter your stored materials to see the remaining requirements update, giving you LIVE calculations.
  • Cost tracking: See dynamically updating ISK values to get a detailed understanding of how to profit from your production.
  • Constructing a fleet?: Quickly change the quantity of hulls you desire to see the total material requirements for the entire fleet.
  • No payments required: Access and use of this workbook is 100% free.

Access the workbook from the link below and follow the instructions on the “README” sheet to copy it over to your Google Drive.

≡v≡ Production – An industry calculator for ≡v≡ Online (v4.2.5 08/07/2018 12:52 UTC+1)


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Update June 2018:
I started a new job at the beginning of this year and have had very little time to play Eve or work on the spreadsheet. I have taken the decision not to return to Eve as I am healthier both physically and mentally and feel that playing Eve isn’t right for me moving forward. I am still interested in bringing v5 to release, but it is far from ready and I do not know how much time I can put into it to bring it up to standard in a reasonable time.

For those of you subscribed to the Newsletter, I will be disabling this software and deleting its data. Should I manage to finish v5 I will update this page and if you download v4.2.5 it will tell you on the README page if a newer version is available.

Thank you all for your support, fly safe o7