Spreadsheet Simulator 2017

Over the last few months I’ve been working particularly hard for many hours each week perfecting a couple of spreadsheets I created to help me with 1) Market Trading and 2) Mineral Acquisition and Production in Eve Online.

I never imagined I would make a spreadsheet so complex and am thoroughly pleased with myself that I have come this far with them. Over the last few weeks I have used my Production sheet to help me calculate the Ore amount I need to mine to produce an Aeon Supercarrier, mined the appropriate minerals and almost have the capital parts built ready for the ship hull to go into production. This process has given me new ideas and shown me flaws in the spreadsheets that I can work on to reach perfection.

A long running issue I had with my Market Trading spreadsheet was that the custom functions that ran to pull live price data from the Eve-Central API were timing out Google’s daily cache limit. An Alliance friend was able to rectify this for me by re-writing the functions used so that the data is all pulled from the same function, not numerous. This cut five API calls per item down to two and I have not had any cache limit issues since. This was a BIG step forward in the progress of the Trading sheet, which I have completely re-written from my original sheet which worked well, but wasn’t perfect after the cache issues.

I have been heavily involved in the Alliance Industry for a few months now and after a department restructure I have been made an Alliance Officer to oversee the mineral acquisition for our capital production programme. It’s a great honor and a lot of work, but I enjoy it and we’re well ahead of the target that was set. We’re seeing new Corporations join the Alliance each week and higher numbers in the Alliance mining Ops that are run which is also fantastic.

I’m considering selling access to my spreadsheets once they are at a level that could be considered “finished”, as at the moment whilst they are functionable there are still parts that need completing. I have no idea how much to charge for this and am worried that it’s easy for somebody to simply clone and redistribute, so need to think about it a tad more.

Right now I am mining a few more rocks to have enough minerals to add to the left over supply from the Aeon build to build two Chimera Carriers that a Corp friend and I can drop on people without worrying about them getting dead!